LSI is focused on delivery of exception customer service; thoughtful project management is essential to achieving this goal. Each project is assigned a project manager, providing the client a single point of contact.

Clients can expect the following from the LSI Project Management Team:

  • Complete and updated project documentation. This includes ensuring that any project scope changes are documented in change orders.
  • Individualized options. Your LSI Project Manager will make sure you understand all available options to be certain you are getting the best value for the resources being allocated to a given project. LSI believes in utilizing best practices but also understands that one size does not fit all. Our online review platform offers many features. During the project design meeting your LSI Project Manager will review the delivery options and associated costs with your legal team and based on the dynamics of your specific project assist you in structuring your deliverable requirements.
  • Consistent status reporting. The status report will include agreed upon timelines and analysis of review metrics to alert Client’s when review progress does not match project timeline objectives.
  • Regularly scheduled status conference calls.
  • Facilitation of training for users throughout the project. Your LSI Project Manager will create customized training documentation which will incorporate case-specific protocols. LSI considers training and training documentation value-added services. They are included in our pricing.
  • Experienced staff. LSI Project Managers have litigation/practice support backgrounds within both a law firm and a service provider environment. We provide our clients résumés for the project management team assigned to their matter(s).
  • Comprehensive management. LSI Project Managers manage all day-to-day activities on your project. To the extent other technicians are utilized to assist the manager, they will be disclosed to the client and their resumes will also be available to the client.
  • Managers experienced in legal procedure. LSI Project Managers are familiar with litigation support applications such as Concordance and Summation. Our standard operating procedures include developing a standard deliverables specification for each party involved in the project.
  • Specialized support teams. LSI Project Managers have access to a team of experienced information technology professionals, including developers and security experts.
  • Help support. LSI Project Managers and your legal team have access to our help desk support line for efficient handling of your review platform questions.
  • Availability. LSI Project Managers are located in the Central Time Zone and are available by phone or for scheduled in-person meetings.